Electric bikes – a new lifestyle

Until recently, the bicycle was our only means of transportation. Thanks to it we could go from one point to another, saving time. Fortunately, those days are long behind us. Today a bicycle is not only one of the most popular vehicles, but often also an irreplaceable one. Its advantages are appreciated especially by inhabitants of big cities, where it is sometimes difficult to overcome the traffic jam. Therefore, bicycles are gaining popularity again as the most obvious transport. However, a bicycle alone is not enough to stay ahead of the time nowadays. Today, more and more people are replacing their regular bicycle with an electric bike. Some consider it a new fashion, others a symbol of changing times. Is that why electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular? Is it just a temporary fashion, or maybe already a permanent element of our activity? Here are a few words on this issue.

Electric bike – ride without compromises

Electric bikes become more popular. They are an excellent alternative not only to the car or bus, but also to a regular bicycle. We live in a constant hurry, and nowadays such a bike can be the best means of transport in the city. Why is that? What is so special about electric bikes and motorcycle? The answer is really quite simple. An electric assisted bicycle is eco-friendly, fast and convenient. That’s why they become so popular. A regular bike is great, but an electric bike is even better. In this case, the saying “better is the enemy of good” doesn’t seem to apply at all. The electric bike is a new dimension of sport. It can be used in almost any conditions, the battery is really efficient and ordinary muscle-powered bikes are already perceived as the past. This is well known to anyone who has tried a Fasterbike ride on an electric bike at least once. The support of an electric motor is absolutely invaluable in any situation. Such a bike not only provides us with better riding experience, but also makes us feel no fatigue. Thanks to this we can cover longer distances without harm to our physical shape.

Electric bike – a new dimension to sport

Many people still look with incredulity at all kinds of electric vehicles. They arouse their disbelief that surely such an electric scooter or bicycle with electric drive can handle the mountain wilderness or a ride in the city traffic. Many lovers of traditional pedaling believe that electric drive will not replace the experience they have when riding a traditional bicycle. Well, everyone can have a bike that meets their expectations. However, it is worth trying to enter a higher dimension of the sport. Electric bikes and motorcycles are really a new perspective on sport. Many people are afraid that the price of purchase and maintenance of such equipment is far beyond their financial possibilities. But what is it really like? Are battery-operated bicycles – as they are most often called – really a cosmic expense? Not really.

Price of electric bike

Many people think that an electric bike is a huge expense. In addition to the purchase price, there is also the cost of servicing, replacement of battery or components. In many cases, this makes many people uneasy. Fasterbike electric bike or traditional bike? Which will be cheaper? But it is not the price that is the most important here, but the comfort of riding. Every ebike lover knows this. Therefore, is the price of an electric bike really a huge expense? Well, no. Of course, everything depends on the bike model and frame, as well as battery capacity and quality of components. It is obvious that mountain bikes will have a different price than city bikes. However, this does not mean that their prices will make you lose your wallet. Objectively looking at the issue of electric bike price it is worth knowing something more. Well, their prices are not at all different from what we pay for a regular bike. The same as in the case of cars, also in the case of bicycles we can buy a model for several thousand as well as one for a few. It all depends on our expectations. And the experience of riding such a bike? Absolutely unforgettable. So which one to choose? This decision depends only on us and where we will ride it. Do you prefer city riding or maybe you love extreme experiences of riding in the mountains? Check our Fasterbike ebike!

Fasterbike electric bike – a higher level of initiation

Do you love absolute comfort of riding? Or maybe you hate limitations and want to travel fast, quiet and cheap? Then Fasterbike will fit perfectly into your expectations. It is an electric bike, which can go anywhere where a car or scooter cannot go. Thanks to this you are absolutely independent and outside all the schemes. Comfortable ride is ensured by adjustable rear suspension and well-designed steering rack. That is why it is recommended to all lovers of simple and comfortable solutions. But that’s not all. Electric drive doesn’t make any noise, and capacious battery allows to accelerate it up to 85 km/h. Do you have such performance on an ordinary bicycle? Surely not. Let’s also add that riding it for about 100 km costs only 2 PLN. Can you want more? Certainly, electric bike from Fasterbike is the best option for all people, who like controlled adrenaline rush.

Enduro electric bike – for extreme experiences

Until recently, the enduro electric bike was considered a retirement for athletes. However, those days are long behind us. Today, enduro electric bike is one of the most appreciated downhill bikes. It is a bike for day trips in extreme mountain conditions and exploring new riding routes. Enduro riding is all about speed and extreme sensations. That’s why this is a model for all those who love adrenaline and effort. After all, enduro evokes respect and awe. This is why it is designed for all those for whom road bikes are not enough. The emotions accompanying the breakneck downhill rides cannot be compared with anything else. You simply have to experience it! All the more when the route is really demanding and difficult. Here not only smoothness and speed of descent matters, but also perfect condition. Undoubtedly, enduro electric bike is the best support for our muscles when it’s far from the end of descent and we’re running out of strength. Difficult downhills, climbs and trails can be too much of a challenge even for experienced athletes. That’s when the reliable enduro comes to the rescue. Absolutely ideal. But electric vehicles are not just electric bikes. They are also electric motorcycles, which are the new dimension of cross.

Electric motocross – new quality, same sensations

Electric two-wheels are not only bicycles, but also electric motorcycles. Admittedly, many people still believe that the electric drive cannot replace the internal combustion engine. However, this is not true. First of all, it is worth considering how long our air will be polluted with exhaust fumes. The answer seems obvious. Well, as long as we keep repeating the scheme that an internal combustion motorcycle is better than an electric one. Why should it be better than its silent, ecological counterpart? Well, maybe only the lovers of noise made by combustion engine can disagree here. But this is really a matter of habit, which in this case is worth fighting a little bit. Especially that now everything what is ecological, healthy and environmentally friendly is very fashionable. Therefore, it should not surprise anyone that electric motocross have appeared on the market, which have already won recognition of even the most demanding users. Slim line, no exhaust and reduced to a minimum chassis provides, according to experts, an even higher level of excitement than on a traditional combustion engine. Thanks to this, the excitement of cross is absolutely to be underestimated. Nevertheless, the electric motocross is not the only model of this kind of vehicles that are on our market. What they have in common is the absolute comfort of driving and lower failure rate than traditional models.

Price of electric motorcycle

This is one of the most common questions that many motorcycle enthusiasts ask themselves. If I bet on ecology, will my wallet really benefit from it? Well, yes. In fact, not only your wallet but also the environment. Therefore, it is certainly worth leaning over this issue. Indeed, their price can really surprise you. It turns out that today an electric motorcycle is an expense of several to several thousand PLN. Thus, taking into account the quality and purpose for which it is used, the price is not much. And the speed? You may be surprised, but the best models can reach even 348 km/h! Therefore, is it worth it? Of course it is! As you can see, today living in harmony with nature really pays off. Electric bikes not only are not inferior in any way to the experience of riding a traditional bicycle, but it is something more. After all, today’s fashion for ecology is also our convenience and without a doubt saving in every form. Not believing? Check it yourself!

Without limits

By ebike you can go everywhere, where you can not get by car, motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, scooter, skateboard, etc.


The electric drive does not emit any sounds thanks to the best and trouble-free controller.


Adjustable rear suspension and steering wheel bridge enable you to set progressive geometry for a very demanding user.


The combination of a high-quality battery, controller and engine allows you to accelerate our Ebike to a speed of 85 km/h.


The driver's position allows for 100% control over the vehicle, there is no oversteer or understeer. The hydraulic four-piston brakes operate quickly and efficiently. Wide tires allow safe driving in all weather conditions.


100km driven costs way under 1 USD

numbers speak for themselves

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